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Dr. Nancy

Our Doctor
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Dr. Nancy F. Mansour-Habib is a board certified Family Physician. Dr. Mansour-Habib provides family care medicine to patients age 3 & up. She has been in practice since 1989. Dr. Mansour-Habib graduated from Medical School in Cairo, Egypt in 1989.  She completed her residency in Saginaw Cooperative Hospital, Michigan. She worked for Hurly Hospital in-out patient for five years. She started her own private practice in 2002 and became a William Beaumont Staff Physician. She is a preceptor for Wayne State University & Oakland University teaching medical students in the office.

“I strongly believe that the search for health in each patient is the goal of the physician. Diagnosis and treatment of disease and illness are but stepping-stones in the process path of human life. The practice of medicine must be a collaborative partnership of physician and patient, both seeking the benefits of a lifestyle choice and relying on the science of medicine as an adjunct to returning the body to its natural state of health.”

Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Grace Medical of Troy, where thorough patient care is our highest priority. Whether it is through our state-of-the-art facility, our broad range of specialties, or our caring staff, we're confident that you will   feel at home as we treat your medical needs. 

Our unique facility provides clinical evaluations, testing and diagnosis all in a single location. Our customized office, along with its staff members, is fully committed to providing patient comfort throughout the entire visit.

We understand that each patient is unique and we tailor an individual treatment regimen for each one, with the ultimate goal being a healthy lifestyle for each and every person.

Grace Medical of Troy is a private family practice serving the community for many years. Dr. Nancy Mansour- Habib is a Beaumont hospital doctor for over 20 years, Provides Hospital Care, Chronic Diseases and Trigger Point Joint Injections.

Our Team

Our Team
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